Universe hosting

Business telephony made easy…
at your practice or from home

Universe is a hosted telephony solution that comes with all the call features your dental practice uses every day. You connect to Universe via the Internet so there is no need to buy and maintain an on-site phone system.

You can access the system by your choice of device. This can be fixed desk phones, mobile handsets or via the softphone application which is downloaded onto your computer.

Key features
  1. Drag and drop IVR
  2. Call forwarding
  3. Call transfer
  4. User presence
  5. Call recording options
Make the most of your Universe system
Most computers allow you to speak to an in-built microphone and use the PC’s speakers. This is not advised if high quality voice, mobility and privacy are important. For these reasons many people prefer to use a headset, an earphone or a handset.

Our Poly, Yealink and Cisco handsets which are automatically configured for your Universe service. All available in a simple to use web-based interface. Simple user-based pricing plans means you know your call costs upfront.


VoIP phone systems

5 reasons to make the move:
  1. Agility: A cloud based or VoIP system can do wonders for your responsiveness and productivity. Features like IVR and time of day routing can help your employees be more responsive and give your callers a better experience as they are not kept waiting and get through to the right person straight away.
  2. Flexibility: With a traditional phone system you often pay for unused lines and capacity. One of the biggest advantage of an Internet based system is the ability to scale up with ease as you grow.
  3. Streamlining and simplicity: Having a hosted phone system means you won’t need bulky equipment onsite. You’ll immediately save on installation and hardware costs, and as the Service Provider looks after the system on their network, they manage the upkeep and are responsible for ensuring maximum efficiency.
  4. Mobility: With VoIP your system and phone numbers follow you if you move. More importantly you can access the system from anywhere with reliable Internet, meaning you and your remote workers are connected wherever you are.
  5. Future Readiness: Technology is constantly evolving and the world of telecommunications is no exception. VoIP will continue to evolve, but the great thing about services that reside in the cloud is that your system is automatically enabled for upgrades. You enjoy the latest version or release with minimal disruption, and you are not left with an obsolete piece of equipment to write off and get rid of.
Headsets and earphones
If you wish to have a headset or earphone for use with your Unified Communications system, you can choose between:
  1. Cordless or Corded. Cordless options that wirelessly connect to your computer, and a corded option that is plugged in. Cordless is required when you need to have more mobility, corded are generally cheaper.
  2. Over the ear or Intra ear. You can choose to have an “over the ear” model (good for call centres) and select either, one ear (monoaural) or dual ear (binaural). Alternatively, you can use intra-ear receivers of which there are three types called earpods, earphones or earpieces.
For all headsets and earphones, consider whether you need external noise and wind cancellation.
For corded solutions, you should consider whether to have a USB, USB-C connection or a 3.5mm jack for connecting to a mobile phone or more than one options. Also consider whether you want to plug the headset into your handset. For cordless connections check if your computer has Bluetooth capability. If it does not, you will need to buy a model with a plug-in dongle. Also consider:
  1. Battery life (talk and standby time)
  2. Voice controls to accept or reject calls (e.g. say “answer” or “reject”)
  3. Multi-point, meaning that you can connect to more than one device at a time
  4. Water and sweat proof Range for reception

If you haven’t already considered a VoIP phone system for your practice, now is the time to start thinking about making the move.

If you are using traditional analogue telephony (ISDN), the switch-off date for BT’s network is getting closer, meaning it is no longer a question of if you move, but when you move.

Those who have already adopted VoIP for their communications may have initially done so as they wanted to take advantage of the cost savings against ISDN, but soon realise that VoIP comes with a host of other benefits.

Here’s our top five reasons to acquire a VoIP phone system for your dental practice.

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