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Durr Dental Products - VistaIntra and VistaScan
Dürr imaging range

Dürr Dental has been shaping dental diagnostics for more than five decades. Digital X-ray technology using image plates and sensors produces images quickly and safely with the highest possible resolution. The visual representation of intraoral situations using camera systems enables treatment that patients need to undergo to be understood and creates greater clarity.

VistaScan Ultra View Scan multiple plates simultaneously. Standalone mode means you can view your exposures on the large built-in screen even if connection to the Database is lost. Attach them to your patient’s file when the connection is restored means no more lost images and no downtime.

The VistaIntra DC – the intraoral X-ray generator, produces fast, high-quality image results. It leaves the factory pre-programmed with the exact radiation dose for every tooth region required for Dürr Dental image plates and sensors. It is ready for immediate use and delivers images with perfect exposure.
Infection control

Infection control keyboards are designed to provide smarter prevention and control of contaminants such as hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Screening systems from Xenon Fever Defence have been designed to enable quick, non-contact temperature analysis. They provide proactive protection for employees and customers by quickly alerting people entering a building of elevated temperatures that could indicate underlying illnesses.

Dentsply Sirona Orthophos SL
Dentsply Sirona X-ray

Abacus offer annual servicing across the Orthophos range. Servicing your Dentsply Sirona extraoral X-ray keeps it accurate and up-to-date. Your images need to be as accurate as possible to guarantee proper measurements.

All moving parts are inspected, cleaned, and re-lubricated; electrical components and internal communications are tested; firmware and software is updated; all to Dentsply Sirona specifications. Each device is fully calibrated and a dose measurement is taken. A certificate of service is provided to cover CQC requirements.

Dentsply Sirona CEREC

Dentsply Sirona CEREC intra-oral scanners and mill units are the best chair-side restoration solutions available. Money saved on lab-fees are turned easily into great profit and patient satisfaction is achieved by being able to offer a quick turnaround of many restorative treatments with long-lasting, accurate results.

Occasionally, these units are taken for granted and a practice’s investment can be put at risk. Abacus is on hand to help your CEREC continue to run perfectly for years to come.

X-ray Safety Tests

  • Critical Examination
  • Acceptance Test
  • Routine Testing (often called a QA Test)
Abacus test your devices in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 32 (2) of The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017. Certification will be provided on successful completion of test.


“Terry from Abacus has serviced our CEREC and Sirona 3D scanner for the past few years and has always been fantastic.”

DR S. K.

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