The right tool for the job

Abacus supply computers for all areas of your practice,
selecting the correct one depending on it’s functional role.
HP Laptop
Reception Desks

Abacus recommends AiO (All-In-One) PCs for reception desks which are no only aesthetically pleasing, but remove clutter from under the desk itself with no separate “black box” and less cables.

Surgery computers

Surgery computers are selected depending on the surgery role – a hygienist’s surgery has a different need to a an implantology surgery – the software used for Implant Planning requires a more powerful processor, graphics card and memory to function smoothly and accurately.

Matching the PC to a monitor capable of displaying X-Ray images well is extremely important. There’s no point in investing thousands of pounds into Digital X-Ray only to see a poor presentation of the image on a bad screen.

Office computers
Office and General Admin PCs are usually easier to select and we have a few standard options which we propose.
Computers are often overlooked within the practice, but they are as important as selecting the right chair or handpiece. Let Abacus take the worry out of selecting your computer equipment, we won’t oversell, and always promote the right tool for the job.
NVME Drive
Ram Upgrades
SSD Drive

Computer Upgrades

Sometimes a completely new PC is not needed, if it’s only a few years old, changing the hard drive to an SSD and adding some more memory can give it a new lease of life.

We can even clone your old drive to the new SSD meaning the only change you’ll notice is a much faster computer.

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