Subscription cost per month:
  • £14.16* per PC
  • £25.00* per Server
Discount for 10 or more devices:
  • £12.74* per PC
  • £22.50* per Server

Remote Monitoring
& Management (RMM)

For PCs, servers and or network devices

Our RMM system routinely monitors and checks your systems are running properly.

Each device reports back to Abacus throughout each day. The system reports any issues found which we can act on or even advise you of potential problems before they arise. Weekly reports can be sent to your email.

Your all-in-1 solution to monitor and maintain your network and devices
  1. Unlimited remote technical support
  2. Fast and safe remote access
  3. Managed antivirus
  4. Web blocking and protection
  5. Data-breach risk intelligence
  6. Patch management and more…
Automatic protection
Updates can be patched automatically. All subscribed devices are protected with antivirus and web blocker technologies and remote access allows us to act quickly.
Remote access
We can also give you access to your own version of the dashboard where you can see the status of your devices and remotely access any of your devices from home.

*All pricing is subject to VAT

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